Ever since I jumped into bank/payments related design from travel, I've been seeing the not-so-simple, not-so-beautiful bank apps of the numerous banks of India.

While in a vertical, as you're designing solutions for a product, you get to think so much about it that, at some point it urges you to think about solving something that has been running along for so long.

Bank apps and flows have been on my face for a while and minimal has always been a challenge while designing a product in India because it becomes very cluttered once the design expands. With monochrome and minimal I took a chance at creating a super-simple bank app (forgive the cringe at 'super'). I've also been trying to experiment with a button-less app.


Gestures can be fascinating inclusions for bank apps. In another bank app design (very soon), I'm planning to push gestures to the limelight. But for now, swiping up to check the balance seemed like a good inclusion to check balance without having to log-in into the app.

Scroll animation for account summary (A Flinto experiment with interactions)

A new number pad

I have been experimenting with a new, simpler, compact number pad while working on this. 

More often, we tend to remember the pattern we type rather than the actual numbers. After looking at the numbers for a dozen times, it's more of the pattern that registers in the brain and sometimes it's simpler that way. At least for people who don't want to remember too many numbers, it is.

There is the grid layout and the linear layout for numbers that's used a lot today. Not having to switch to 2 views, the Gboard has got the numbers onto the linear layout on top now. Also, not to forget the bottom-up grid on the calculator.

So there's the 4x3 grid and the 1x10 linear, How about a 2x6 grid like this one? It's a separate numeric keyboard and it also half the size of the 4x3 grid.


'New' does come with a lot of challenges, but this was a fun experiment, and I intend to keep this numeric keypad for the rest of this app.

Well, this is work in progress and the other flows will be updated soon.