"Wearing ID cards is the best thing ever", said no one ever. And neither has it been fun to learn the best way to hand-over a visiting card. 

Since quite some time, there has been multiple 'scan-your-visiting-card' apps existing but nothing could really replace the physical cards. People have been trying to make fancy visiting cards though but that came at a cost.

And what if you can carry your ID card without having to wear it all the time. And what if there's a single solution for these both?

Thus emerged the concept of the virtual cards -

Your card will be your home screen and you can click on it to flip it. On the back, you will have the office details just like how the ID cards do. And once you want to send the card to someone, it will send only the details that you want to.   

The cards that you have received will be stored under "Saved cards" and you will be able to add tags share and delete them. 

The "Locker" is be a safe place for you to store your super-important numbers.

Swiping up will provide a few options like delete, edit, and share; of which share is kept at a very reachable spot because sharing visiting cards will supposedly be the most frequently used option.

By allowing offline sharing this app is sure to add value in conferences.

And by adding multiple layouts and colors, this will be fun to use and personalize for meetups.

Here are some more screens of "Saved cards", grid and list views and the options view for them both.

This concept if done right can do many things than just replacing your visiting card holder or being your ID card. The social element in this app can drive many things and since this will always keep your workplace and/or your identity connected, in an ideal world, the trust factor will be something that might not be an obstacle, especially to an Indian audience. 

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