This was a design exercise that was assigned to me, and whatever I did in around 2 hours did get me the job.

The fundamentals of this app was simple. The users that get on it are either learners or teachers or both. They can offer to teach something or just discover something to learn; call it social learning + teaching.


The solid colors are something that instill a sense of freshness and of being pumped up, because we need people to be ready to learn and teach.

Also, the card layout with swiping actions to navigate and dismiss was quite "in" and did solve the purpose of exploring the options that was based on location and/or interest.

There is a feeling to the unadulterated screens and keeping them from too many visual elements and movements. With the card occupying more than 50% of the screen and the bold catch lines / CTAs, there are only two things in the screens that you'll notice, and act on.

With single-motive apps like this, it also gets simpler to visualize the functions and flow of the app. It's precise, since the goal is clear and you don't have a lot to account for because it doesn't do a lot of things.

The time slot selection screen isn't the best yet, but it looked right a year ago.

There were also a few other hand-drawn wireframes that I haven't been able to find, but I think this small task always reminds me of the speed at which I can work and a good feeling of accomplishment because (duh) it got me the job.

The colors add to the fun and soon enough I am looking at designing an app with colors as solid as on this one.