I own the SJCAM 5000x Elite and I found that there was a need for a better app when I purchased it, almost a year ago. I tried to design a better app for better connectivity and engagement- which is what an app like this needs.

Entry is checked with entering the model of the mini-action cam that you own, but you can also skip this. You must enter your screen name and/or login using Google or Facebook.

Once you are in, this is how your filled  landing home is going to look like. This screen is definitely not for the first-time user, it would have a bunch of suggestion options or a bigger CTA to sync his/her SJCAM.

The Stream- will be from people that you follow, Explore- from a lot many people who you don't follow and People- to look for specific users; similar to Instagram.

On clicking one element in the grid it opens into a larger layout. 

Another small detail I wanted to try out is an addition to the bottom nav of the screen- the arrow. Instead of making the menu icon change into an arrow, this can be used this for apps that don't go too deep.

Yet another simple Flinto experiment for the connect device screen animation.  

Do let me know what you like and why you don't like something in this design concept. You can write to me at me@indhuja.com.