This was a very minor attempt at making the splitting experience smoother and better. Splitwise was too bad and nothing else did it along with some rich design. This can also be considered as a face-list for Splitwise. 

On the homepage you will be able to see the money that you must get and give, no complex terms like owe and owed here

Also note that the circles symbolise get and give. Remind will take you to a flow where you will be able to remind people who you must get money from, and settle will take you to a flow to give money and finish off your debts. 

The homepage

The arc layout is a fresh addition to this screen and adding expense is the most important action in this screen.

The interaction of which can be like this -

And then you start adding people who you want to spliit with, continued with the amount and then the confirmations.

How did you like the very brief spliit concept? 

Give me a holler at if you have a fresh concept in mind that you think needs shaping.