I own a Desert Storm and I find RE's bullets and TBs very comfortable for long distance rides. The posture and the price were the factors that made me buy one. But once I started riding bullets, I couldn't but notice the design changes that can be brought about in the dash.

First I wanted to do a major revamp to the dashboard as a part of my design practice, but then it only makes sense to design something that can be made usable. So I did my research on how the current dashboard system works in RE bullets + classic models and tried to make a slightly better dash with better, but just enough features to make the milli-second glance to the dash/speedo worth it.

Here's a 2D design of what I propose- 
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Here's what exists- 
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Why the change?

Petrol indicator: Now this is something bullet riders will really need. All of the bullet and classic models don't come with a fuel indicator, but they do come with a light that blinks if the fuel is low. Once it blinks, it's said that there are around 4-5 liters of petrol in the bike and it blinks repeatedly until you fill your tank, of course.

     I've designed a full-fledged fuel indicator with a circular scale, and this compartment also remains as the seat for the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp), whose action is also to blink 'n' number of times according to the malfunction that has occurred in the bike.

- Indicators: It's an assumption that the top tip of the dash must be visible in the peripheral vision, and if the side indication (left or right) of the indicator is visible (Currently one button glows for both left and right) in the peripheral it would be ideal.

- Neutral: The same peripheral vision theory applies for this as well. I have been training myself to stop at signals in a neutral and if that is also visible while I stop it would be perfect.

     The lights currently being used for the neutral and the indicator lamps will also have to change. I have now made them more solid for the green to pop out, but the lights are barely visible in direct sunlight.

- Odometer: I've kept it clean, giving it some space for the brand to showcase its vintage standard and a clean white odo with condensed number kilometers. The peg is retained in red (as existing in some models) because it doesn't look off and as a plus, there is red in the logo too.

The positions of the odometer and the upper/dipper light are changed because they needed to fit the new layout of the dashboard. While I tried to retain the old vintage analog look of the dash, I have also tried to make it functional and usable.     

This is my very first re-design of something physical and it has been a very interesting quest. Further, I have been planning to think of something similar to this, and alongside learn Blender to be able to translate designs like this into 3D.