Hello. I'm Indhuja. A designer since 2012, below are the projects I've enjoyed working upon. Take a look around, tell me if you like it.

This was a fun project, done in an attempt to re-imagine the very famous email platform: Gmail.

When a lot of people already use it, it means they are used to it too much that they even skipped the "new Inbox" for it. The challenge was to keep the essence intact, yet provide new functionalities while subtly giving the good old Gmail a face-lift.

This was originally posted on Behance. Do appreciate it if you like it.

Here are some animated screens that I made on Flinto, just to give a peek at how they function. I wouldn't want my email clients to be doing a lot of heavy animations, at least not Gmail.

Here's how to simply swipe to snooze an email.

Change your signatures in a jiffy.

Schedule an email for later in just a few clicks.

Again, this was originally posted on Behance. Do appreciate it if you like it.

Drop me a line on me@indhuja.com if you have something to say about the new Gmail.

Sometime around 2017 when Fuchsia OS was being discussed in the office, I wanted to design a better OS. As silly as that sounds, I started out with a few modules of a fresh design. This one is the first: the collapsed notification bar. The idea was to merge the current notification bar and the navigation pane (which is already going away) and bringing it all closer to the thumb for quick single-hand operation.

More designs will be updated based on the ongoing trends, like the bezel-less phones.

This was a casual concept for a rich and dark-themed travel app. It gets your 'where-to-go' and suggests you a list of places accordingly. Having worked in a travel planning + booking startup I tried to keep all cases that a user might use the app for.

Cases where the user knows or doesn't know the duration, dates, cities, states, the region he wants to visit and when he doesn't know anything or when he knows everything.

To talk more about this concept, do write to me.

This is a concept for an audio-visual blog. I have been too tired to write a 10-part blog on my 10-day trip to Taiwan. It would be a simple alternative to talk than to write, for a few people like me (who also want to experiment with audio like they do in Radiolab).

Consider this an AV blog only words = audio and images = image slideshow

Tripigator used to be Incredible India's official travel app. The company shut down last year and I was their only designer. The image is a gist of one of the best of my works there and of the travel planner that was never fully launched. 

To see more screens or for more information on this, write to me on me@indhuja.com.

This was a very minor attempt at making the splitting experience smoother and better. Splitwise was too bad and nothing else did it along with some rich design. 

This was a matrimony site website re-do. A primarily Tamil-based matrimony website. The irony!  

In the matrimony websites that exist, it seems that they are quite easy for the mainstream South-Indian parents, and there is a probable reason for it- 

The clutter. 

For design-obvious reasons, the clutter makes the websites ugly and ugly isn't always a bad thing. I tried to keep the clutter, yet make it user (also includes the parent) friendly. 

There were a lot of screens I had to do for this, but showcasing only a few of them here. Most of them are accommodative (let me talk about this sometime soon). 

List of matches

Interested / Interested-in page design

Messages page

A sample poster

This was done for a client who wanted a simple subtle landing page for a Facebook Messenger bot to start with. It was going to be expanded to the Alexa and other smart devices. 

This is the landing page of the website, which is going to be a single page, only above the fold website.  

I own the SJCAM 5000x Elite and I found that there was a need for a better app when I purchased it, almost a year ago. I tried to design a better app for better connectivity and engagement- which is what an app like this needs.

The Stream- will be from people that you follow, Explore- from a lot many people who you don't follow and People- to look for specific users; similar to Instagram.

Another small detail I wanted to try out is an addition to the bottom nav of the screen- the arrow. Instead of making the menu icon change into an arrow, this can be used this for apps that don't go too deep.

"Wearing ID cards is the best thing ever", said no one ever. And neither has it been fun to learn the best way to hand-over a visiting card.

And what if you can carry your ID card without having to wear it all the time. And what if there's a single solution for these both?

Thus emerged the concept of the virtual cards -

Feel free to drop a line on me@indhuja.com if you liked this. 

This was a task that got me the job.

The fundamentals of this app is simple. The users that get on it are either learners or teachers or both. They can offer to teach something or just discover something to learn; call it social learning + teaching.

Also, the card layout with swiping actions to navigate and dismiss was quite "in" and did solve the purpose of exploring the options that was based on location and/or interest.

The colors add to the fun and soon enough I am looking at designing an app with colors as solid as on this one.

Ever since I jumped into bank/payments related design from travel, I've been seeing the not-so-simple, not-so-beautiful bank apps of the numerous banks of India.

Bank apps and flows have been on my face for a while and minimal has always been a challenge while designing a product in India because it becomes very cluttered once the design expands. With monochrome and minimal I took a chance at creating a super-simple bank app (forgive the cringe at 'super'). I've also been trying to experiment with a button-less app.

'New' does come with a lot of challenges, but this was a fun experiment, and I intend to keep this numeric keypad for the rest of this app.

Well, this is work in progress and the other flows will be updated soon.